Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Can't Live Without...

It's a common phrase, thrown around loosely to apply to anything from morning coffee to cell phones. But what really does matter that much?

Eighteen months ago, Mulligan was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, resulting in amputation of his left hind leg. I don't presume to know what Mulligan thinks, but it appears that he can certainly live without one leg. It's life as usual for him, with certain allowances for aging. Like humans, as Mulligan ages, I  can cross some things off the list of things he used to be able to do in his younger years: run and chase animals all day long, or get up and lie down with ease, for example. Yet he continues to thrive.

So I suspect it all has to do with purpose. We can live without many things, except a reason to get up each day.  Mulligan looks forward to his role as ambassador at Elcona Country Club where he greets golfers coming and going from the pro shop and shamelessly seeks out members who store treats in their golf bags. He accepts any invitation to ride in the maintenance cart, and he continues to prance and jump when I pick up my car keys to take us to work. He has a job to do.

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