Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Every Day is an Ice Cream Day

Soon after we adopted Mulligan, we began celebrating his birthday each year with ice cream cones for each of us. This  probably helped forge his early connection to car riding and happy events. At any rate, he is always up for a ride in the car. Unfortunately for him, sometimes our rides take us past the ice cream place to the vet’s office. These are two vastly different destinations: one anticipated, the other-not so much! Yet he never balks at an invitation to ride in the car. To him, all trips are ice cream opportunities, and, if once in a while he is disappointed when the car stops at the vet’s, he is willing to take that risk rather than miss a trip to get ice cream.

Once again, Mulligan has something to teach all of us. We should anticipate ice cream every day, while equipping ourselves to bounce back optimistically from anything less. It's worked for him for 14 years now. Happy 14th birthday, Mulligan!

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Mychal B said...

Happy Birthday Mulligan! Lots of hugs from your biggest fan.